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Installation of packages

When an article invites to install some packages in the conventional way, it will not indicate the detailed instructions to do so, instead it will simply mention the names of the packages to be installed.
Note: Frequently, the install or installed links are used to point to this article section. However, as of March 2016 bugs handicap the feature:
  • WebKit/Blink-based browsers (Chrome/chromium, Epiphany, Opera, qutebrowser, etc.) will not automatically scroll to the proper destination section (fixed in MediaWiki 1.27);
  • all the other browsers (e.g. Firefox) will scroll, but only if JavaScript is enabled.
Until the bugs are resolved, you will be able to read the name of the destination section in the URL's fragment identifier, and manually follow the respective link from the article's Table of Contents. See Help talk:Style#Links to redirects for more information.
The subsections below give an overview of the generic installation procedures depending on the package type.

Official packages

For packages from the official repositories you will read something like:
Install the foobar package.
This means that you have to run:
# pacman -S foobar

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